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Plate, Diameter: 255MM for Daewoo Microwaves - 3517203600

Codes : Daewoo - 020800010, 3517203600,3517203610, 130268, Gorenje / Mora - 434603

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Plate, Diameter: 255MM for Daewoo Microwaves - 3517203600 LG
Plate, Diameter: 255MM for Daewoo Microwaves - 3517203600 LG
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EAN: 5060296974855
Volumetric weight: 2.222 kg
Origin of the product: Quality-proven ALTERNATIVE PART

ETA0208 Klasico, ETA1208 Klasico, ETA2208 Klasico

GM66, KOC-3605, KOC-366T, KOC-63F7, KOG3000SL, KOG3605, KOG36052S, KOG-36052S, KOG36152S, KOG-36152S, KOG36252S, KOG-36252S, KOG36352S, KOG-36352S, KOG36452S, KOG-36452S, KOG3667, KOG3667OS, KOG-3667OS, KOG366T, KOG-366T0S, KOG-370, KOG370-1, KOG3705, KOG37050S, KOG-37050S, KOG3705-1, KOG370A, KOG370A0S, KOG-370A0S, KOG37A5, KOG-37D7, KOG-37D70S, KOG-37D79S, KOG37DP0S, KOG-37DP0S, KOG37F, KOG37F7, KOG-37F7, KOG-37F70S, KOG-37F79S, KOG37FP, KOG37FP0S, KOG-37FP0S, KOG574R, KOG574R0S, KOG-574R0S, KOG575R0S, KOG-575R0S, KOG6215, KOG6L6B, KOR2000, KOR2000A, KOR2605, KOR3000, KOR3000SL, KOR30A, KOR6025, KOR602M, KOR6105, KOR-61052S, KOR610P, KOR6112, KOR6115, KOR611M, KOR611Q, KOR6167, KOR616T, KOR616T2S, KOR-616T2S, KOR616TM, KOR616TN, KOR61A5, KOR61A52S, KOR61A5WH, KOR61AP, KOR61AP/GR, KOR61APGR, KOR6205, KOR6206, KOR6305, KOR6307, KOR630A, KOR630A/BL, KOR630A/SL, KOR-630A0A, KOR-630A0A/1A, KOR-630A0S, KOR-630A1A, KOR-630A9A, KOR630ABL, KOR630ASL, KOR6327, KOR633V, KOR633V0S, KOR-633V0S, KOR6347, KOR6347R, KOR634R0S, KOR-634R0S, KOR634RSL, KOR636T, KOR6375, KOR637FSL, KOR637V, KOR637V0S, KOR-637V0S, KOR-638R, KOR638R0S, KOR638RBK, KOR638RDSL, KOR-638ROS, KOR638RSL, KOR63A5, KOR63A5WH, KOR63D7, KOR-63D70S, KOR63D79F, KOR-63D79S, KOR63DB, KOR-63DB0S, KOR-63DB9S, KOR63F7, KOR-63F7, KOR-63F70S, KOR63F79, KOR63F7SL, KOR63F8, KOR63FB, KOR-63FB0S, KOR-63FB9S, KOR63FBSL, KOR63MC, KOR63MC3S, KOR-63MC3S, KOR63MC5S, KOR-63MC5S, KOR63MCSL, KOR-63MD, KOR63MDC, KOR63MDCSL, KOR-63NR5S, KOR63RA, KOR-63RA, KOR63RA0S, KOR-63RA0S, KOR63S7, KOR-63U50S, KOR-63V50S, KOR-63W50S, KOR63X5, KOR-63X505, KOR63X51, KOR-63Y50S, KOR-68C07, KOR68CD7, KOR-68CD7, KOR68CD7SL, KOR6A35WH, KOR6C275S, KOR-6C275S, KOR-6L15, KOR-6L15SL, KOR-6L5R, KOR-6L65, KOR6N9RC, KOR6N9RR, KOR6Q8G5S, KOR6Q8GSL, KOR81A5, KOR8A0R, KOR-8A0R5S, M4000E

EW66MW, GM66, GMX320GMSL, GMX707, GMX717, GT77, GT77M, GT78, KOG3605, KOG366T, KOG3705, KOG37A5, KOG6215, KOR3000SL, KOR30A, KOR6025, KOR602M, KOR6112, KOR611Q, KOR6167, KOR61A5, KOR61A5WH, KOR61APGR, KOR6025, KOR6305, KOR-630A0A, KOR-0A0A/1A, KOR-630A0S, KOR-630A1A, KOR-630A9A, KOR6327, KOR633V, KOR6347, KOR634RSL, KOR637V, KOR638RDSL, KOR63A5, KOR63A5WH, KOR63D79F, KOR63FB, KOR63FBSL, KOR63MCSL, KOR63MDCSL, KOR63RA, KOR63X5, KOR63X51, KOR68CD7, KOR68CD7SL, KOR6A35WH, KOR6Q8G5S, KOR6Q8GSL, KOR81A5, KOT630A, M1515, MCB780W, MCM660A, MX707, MX707A, MX708, MX717TC, MX718TC, MX775TC, MX778TC, MX779TC, MX780, MX812TCG, SM11, SM12, SM12GR, SM12WH, SM18, ST22, ST23, ST23WH


TESLA, model LCE-2003M

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