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Switch Part for Bosch, Siemens, Neff Freezers

Part Nr.: 00628963, 628963, 638664, 00638664

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Switch Part for Bosch, Siemens, Neff Freezers
If AVAILABLE it can be delivered 09.06.2020
Manufacturer:Bosch, Siemens
Price : 64,90 £
Quantity in stock:1 pc
EAN: *

3GIB3120/03 3GUB3252/04 5FG22030/01 5FG22030/02 CE61243/02 CE61250/02 G1524X7GB/03 G1524X7GB/04 G1624X6/05 G1624X6/06 G3624X8/02 G4344X7GB/03 G4344X7RU/03 G4344X8/03 G5614X6/06 G5614X8/02 G5624X6/07 G5624X6/08 G5624X7GB/03 G5624X8/02 G5624X8/03 G5624X9/02 GF14DA60/03 GF18DA60/03 GFD14A60/02 GFD18A60/02 GI14DA20/07 GI14DA50/07 GI14DA65/03 GI18DA20/08 GI18DA20/09 GI18DA30/01 GI18DA30/02 GI18DA50/08 GI18DA50GB/04 GI18DA65/03 GID14A20/06 GID14A50/06 GID14A50RU/02 GID14A65/03 GID18A20/06 GID18A20GB/03 GID18A30/01 GID18A50/07 GID18A50GB/03 GID18A65/02 GU15DA50/05 GU15DA50GB/05 GU15DA50NE/03 GU15DA55/05 GUD15A50/03 GUD15A50GB/03 GUD15A50RU/03 GUD15A55/03 GULMIE5/14 JF20GB20/02 RF200202/03 RF200300/01 VVIG1820/02

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